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JE HSJ & Kis-my-Ft2 & Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & Johnny's Juniors & Kansai Juniors MEME

or: where on earth did Daybreaker go?

♣ Want to understand what the hell is happening with a few Juniors groups?
♣ Want to bawl over the fact Kisumai decided their fans are bad people and deserve to be poor?
♣ Want to declare to the world that you're more excited about soon having three new ABC-Z skits than everything else ever?
♣ Want to say you're feeling sad for the lack of BananaKen jokes in SZ Summary?
♣ Want to express your rage because JUMP management apparently forgot a group is supposed to release something?
♣ Want to sigh because Kansai Juniors give you headache but you still love them to bits?

Rules are the same as always:

♠ Spam is okay, as long as it's not off topic.
♠ Off topic is okay, as long as it's not spam.

♠ Anon is on, IP logging is off
♠ You can anon, you can sockpuppet, you can un-anon, I don't care.

Please refrain from posting any kind of download link that comes from weibo. If you find people asking for them, just help to find the links themselves on the website. If you really are clueless on how to find these things, post with your own / a sock account and people will PM you to help you. Just DO NOT post links, we don't want to piss off our biggest source of downloads and we should stay at their rules of never reposting things outside weibo.

I hadn't exactly planned a longer break this time, but, well, it happened? I am sorry. But I hope this unexpected longer break made all of you more excited about this meme!

As usual, just have fun ♥
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