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JE HSJ & Kis-my-Ft2 & Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & Johnny's Juniors & Kansai Juniors MEME

or: if another group debuts and I have to put it in the title I'm screwed.

♣ Want to complain about the lack of hip thrusts in the Papaya performance on Shokura?
♣ Want to know why the whole fandom is already flailing over the Kisumai DVD while you haven't seen it anywhere?
♣ Want to express your utter joy for Sexy Zone and ABC-Z finally getting their own official homepages?
♣ Want to ask Kiriyama if that's really his skin colour without having to pull down his pants?
♣ Want to suggest unit names so the poor Bakaleya boys will finally get one?

Rules are the same as the last time:

♠ Spam is okay, as long as it's not off topic.
♠ Off topic is okay, as long as it's not spam.

♠ Anon is on, IP logging is off
♠ You can anon, you can sockpuppet, you can un-anon, I don't care.

Loosely based on Shiokku/Bukketto's memes.
I hope you guys won't mind me posting it a couple of days earlier than our scheduled date, life got in the way.

More importantly, have fun kids! ♥
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